2016 craft competition


Congratulations to our 3rd year apprentice, David Guiton, who on 7th May, beat 24 candidates to win the 2016 Craft Competition held by The Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers at Stratford College. This prestigious event promotes excellence and for the winner, receipt of the Joiners’ Award is a lifetime distinction.

Participants receive the drawings of the test object a week before, to review and prepare jigs. On the day of the competition, David had 8.5 hours to manufacture this console table, using only the tools he had brought with him which included chisels, planes, a cabinet scraper, bevel gauge and portable hand router.

Made from solid European Oak, the table construction incorporated the following jointing methods; haunch mortise, mitred Tenon and a brace, which was jointed together by the formation of halve-lap joints. David also had to manufacture turn buttons to connect the table top to the support framework.

David said: “The last two hours were the trickiest, where all the components I had crafted had to successfully come together, with the added pressure of completing on time. I was proud and elated when I won and relieved that all the hard work had paid off.”

David currently studies at Procat College in Southend and has gained work experience on both commercial and residential projects. These include manufacturing bespoke oak veneered wardrobes, forming hand rail capping joints and preparing gaboon veneered wall panels, ready for spray finishing. We are proud of his achievements and look forward to watching him progress with us when he completes his apprenticeship next year.