Better safe than sorry


We are very proud of our Health & Safety record at Brown & Carroll and regularly conduct training with staff to ensure they are aware of equipment best practices and safety procedures. Recently our eight strong, Bush House fit out team, attended a full day of important Health & Safety training, organised by Trevor Baker, our Senior H&S Manager.

This included a two hour RoSPA certificated, online asbestos awareness course and exam, a manual handling training course and face-fit testing on the GVS Elipse, half mask respirators. As part of the mask training, they each had to wear a hood, while an extremely bitter test solution was sprayed inside. If they couldn’t smell or taste the solution, then it proved their face mask was fitted correctly.

However, we didn’t stop there. They were then told to remove their mask while still wearing the hood, to see what a big difference it makes in terms of blocking the inhalation of harmful substances. As the solution is not pleasant, it proved a very memorable demonstration in the importance of correctly fitting your face mask.