Breathe Freely


Construction workers are at high risk of contracting lung disease from the work that they do and the respiratory health risks from breathing in wood dust when cutting timber (and in particular MDF) are high. Breathe Freely is a recently launched collaborative initiative led by BOHS, in partnership with key organisations. It aims to raise awareness of these occupational hazards and reduce the risks via guidance on best practice. Brown & Carroll’s stringent Health & Safety procedures are featured on the Breathe Freely website 

Our case study explains the extra measures we have put in place to protect our staff from respiratory illness and how we have recently reduced exposure further via good management practice.

Senior QUESH Manager Mike Pearson explains:

“We have always had automatic dust extraction systems on our wood cutting machines. However, there were still small quantities of visible dust in the air and on the surfaces around the cutting stations.

“Subsequently all our machine workers have been trained on the risks and those cutting must now wear an FFP disposable dust mask. The face fit test ensures that the mask is comfortable, yet tight enough to be effective at preventing contaminants from entering the mask. In addition, the vacuum filters on our cutting machinery are now cleaned daily and we have weekly site inspections to monitor compliance with these control procedures.”