Our Living Legacy continues


Every year as part of our Living Legacy policy, Brown & Carroll commit to planting several thousand trees and bushes. In addition to our quota of 6,000, over the last few months we have helped various individual projects, schools and wildlife trusts throughout Essex and around London, via our partner Time4Trees.

Several local primary schools with whom our employees have personal connections, have benefitted from receiving fruit trees as part of the Fruit4Schools scheme, including Whitmore, Felmore, Briscoe, and Cedar Hall School. This initiative aims to inspire children with hands-on outdoor learning opportunities, teaching them about life cycles, where our food comes from and the environmental benefits of trees.

Other delighted recipients include Brockwell Park, the Lost Effra flood mitigation project, a fantastic new conservation area called Woodberry Wetlands and Northaw Community Orchard. These were chosen as they are in or around London where much of our work takes place and where maintaining access to green spaces for local communities and wildlife, is more important than ever.

For the friends of Northaw Orchard, planting the 750 individual hedging plants that we sponsored was going to be a mammoth task! So in February, volunteers from Brown & Carroll including Director Steve Brown, and staff from ISG’s sustainability team, turned up to get their hands dirty and help get the job done. The plants also needed to be surrounded with mulch and then a protective fence erected to protect them from deer and rabbits. Luckily the weather was kind and it proved to be an enjoyable and productive day for all involved.