The impossible realised


These two highly unusual reception seating units, more works of art than furniture, were recently created for a commercial project in Finsbury Circus. At 6.5 metres long each, the metal framework needed to support these beauties weighed in at 133kgs.

Previously, the creation of curved or organic shapes involving bending or forming wooden veneers without cracking, was only achievable with great difficulty and very limited success. However, we were able to realise the designer’s vision for these seats thanks to a revolutionary and highly guarded fabrication process. Pioneered in Germany it allows the moulding of veneer three dimensionally. 

This innovative technique was invented by German company, Reholz, who were acquired by hardwood specialist Danzer, in 2008. Each unit’s fibreglass core, was faced with 3D American Black Walnut veneer, before being shipped back to us in the UK for spray finishing, with stunning results.