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Jordan Heard, Bench Joiner (qualified 2014)

“There are great opportunities here. If you’re willing to work hard and you want to earn well, it’s a great place to work. There’s always work in front of you, always something to do, and you’re given those opportunities to work a little bit more if you want to.”

Jordan came to Brown & Carroll in 2012 when he was offered a place as an Apprentice Bench Joiner. He chose us as he knew our company was expanding very quickly at a time when job security was uncommon at other firms in the industry.

“I was 17 when I first started, still out of school and not very mature. However, by doing my apprenticeship here and by working with an older team, I matured quickly and learned how to work best with others.”

As well as the support of his foreman, Ed, who gave Jordan all the time he needed to complete his coursework, he also had the support of another apprentice.

“I was training at the same time as James Watkins, who was a year older than me but doing the same course. As we were going through the same things at the same time, we were able to help each other. I wasn’t on my own and that was really nice.”

After qualifying in 2014, Jordan wanted to stay with us as a Bench Joiner.

“I learned all my skills through Brown & Carroll as an apprentice, and I wanted to continue using them at this company. I also like the way it’s run; there’s certainly more time and effort put into the management side of things, making everything smooth and organised, and, in all, a nicer place to work.”

Jordan has also made a number of very good friends since joining Brown & Carroll.

“After leaving school, I lost contact with all my old friends. However, I’ve gained a lot of new friends here, and it’s really nice to work alongside them. I also socialise outside of work with them, which is great. It’s a really nice environment here, full of really friendly people.”

Career Stories