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Eco-friendly factory

When we planned our factory, we knew there were two criteria it had to fulfil. Firstly, it had to be a dedicated joinery facility that could properly serve the extensive needs of our clients. Secondly, it needed to lead the way in eco-friendly manufacturing. After a £3 million investment, our sustainable factory opened in 2010, and we've continued to boost its eco-credentials ever since.

A waste-free zone

Our waste wood, cardboard packaging and paper is combusted in our biomass boiler, saving 500 tonnes of landfill each year, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 57 tonnes per year. That's because our boiler heats all the hot water in the factory, as well as powering our spray booths and providing underfloor heating, cutting our reliance on natural gas.

Further investment

Our next step was to decrease our electricity usage by a whopping 12.5%, so we invested in motion-sensitive PIR switches for our offices and toilets. We've also installed eco-gates on all our woodworking machinery, which automatically shut the gates in the dust extraction ducts when idle. And an inverter reduces our extraction fan speed according to the number of active machines, meaning it only runs at full capacity when necessary.

Sustainability into the future

We're always looking for ways to make our factory greener, which is why our next plans involve light-sensitive photo cells for automatic daylight switching in our main factory area. We're also exploring the viability of installing roof thermal insulation and a photo-voltaic array to produce electricity.

"Our ambition is to consistently achieve the best environmental performance in our industry"

Paul Carroll

Social Impact (Investing in Communities)

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Environmental Performance

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