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Helping to transform our local woodland park

We are proud to have played a major role in the funding of the Big Basildon Tree Planting Project. One aspect of the initiative was a huge planting operation carried out at our local Gloucester Park.

In late 2021 we teamed up with our local Council to provide 6,900 young trees for planting in Basildon’s Gloucester Park. The park is just part of a huge council initiative called the Big Basildon Tree Planting Project, that will see 13,000 new trees planted over three important locations in the area – 10,160 of which have been donated by Brown & Carroll.

As you’ll see from the short film above, the 6,900 saplings are safely in the ground at Gloucester Park and beginning to grow. The trees are a carefully selected variety of species, all from the British isles. Most importantly, they have been planted using eco-friendly methods, including composted mulch and sustainable guards and stakes.

Basildon Councillor Craig Rimmer, Chairman of the Leisure and Environment Committee, said:

“This is the biggest project to plant trees in the borough for many years and wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers from across the community and local businesses.”

Managing Director of Brown & Carroll, Paul Carroll, said:

“At Brown & Carroll we are passionate about doing business in a sustainable way, hence our commitment many years ago to plant six trees for every single cubic metre of timber that we use. Gloucester Park is a beautiful place, located close to our offices and attracts countless visitors, young and old, throughout the year. We are proud to have donated the 6,900 trees for the park and are sure they will have a positive impact on the people and wildlife in the area for many decades to come.”