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18,000 trees and counting at Abberton

Abberton Reservoir is a wetland site of international importance with around 40,000 ducks, swans and geese visiting each year and a home to skylarks, brown hares, common terns and goldeneye, to name but a few. The short film below presents a bird’s eye view of the difference we’ve made to the Essex Wildlife Trust’s site at Abberton Reservoir.

Since 2016, we’ve donated over 18,000 trees, bushes and hedging plants to Abberton, as part of our Time4Trees programme. And we’ll continue to support the reservoir with further projects in the future.

The hedgerow plants we have supplied include field maple, crab apple and hawthorn. These will help to encourage insects, small mammals and birds to the area. We have also planted trees in some other areas of the reservoir and they are growing well.

“It is great to see how much the trees and hedgerows have grown and the contribution they make to the Abberton site,”

said Trevor Baker, Senior HSEQ Manager at Brown & Caroll.

As a business that uses a natural resource, we are committed to our Time4Trees programme. In fact, we’re committed to planting 6 trees for every cubic metre of timber used, per year.

“We’re always aiming to improve the way we do things. In the past, plastic tree guards were used for the saplings. Now, we’re donating biodegradable tree guards. They rot down after a few years, unlike the plastic guards, which have to be removed and disposed of,”

said Paul Carroll.

Thank you to Katie and Jo at the Essex Wildlife Trust for guiding our Drone Videographer around the site at Abberton Reservoir.