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Supporting Essex Wildlife Trust

We’re not only committed to limiting our environmental impact, we also proactively support environmental initiatives, and we’re proud to support the Essex Wildlife Trust and the fantastic work they do protecting wildlife across Essex, on an ongoing basis.

Recently, they’ve launched their citizen science project, Bugs Matter, to monitor the number of bugs across Essex. Across the UK as a whole, there was a 60% decline in flying insects between 2004 and 2021, so it’s essential to continue the research to help find ways to stop this worrying trend.

Bailey Tait, Campaigns Officer at Essex Wildlife Trust highlights the importance of taking part in the bug survey:

“Through citizen science, we can gather county-wide data quickly and support the conservation of these important insects, before it is too late. By participating in Bugs Matter, people across Essex can make a real difference to their local wildlife. With the public’s help, we can protect butterflies, moths, dragonflies, ladybirds and so many more insects, for years to come.”

If you’re interested in helping with the survey, you can find more information about taking part and the importance of it on the Essex Wildlife Trust website here: