Fitting out London's finest buildings

Fitting out London's finest buildings

How we’re keeping our people safe

How we’re keeping our people safe

Things look a little different in our factory, office and when we’re on site now. But the changes we’ve made help us ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.

Our factory

Signage and barriers illustrate a partial one-way system around the factory, allowing our staff to observe social distancing guidelines more easily. And there are red safety zones around individual workbenches.

Our office

The office area is already laid out in pods, and with a bit of organising it’s been easy to maximise the social distancing between staff. We’ve set up hand sanitising stations and are encouraging people to wash their hands more frequently. Furthermore, cleaning is now taking place throughout the day to ensure that touch points are regularly sanitised.

When we’re on site

At the start of the pandemic, we introduced changes to shift times, so staff could avoid travelling at busy times. We made PPE available for our operatives to use while on public transport and while on site, to reduce the chance of infection.

We also created a Covid-19 risk assessment, in conjunction with a COVID-19 toolbox talk. This was distributed to all our projects, to ensure they were up to date with the current information and guidance.

Regular site visits from our health and safety department also ensures our operatives are adhering to the new guidelines.

Please click here for our government approved risk assessment certificate.