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New sanding machine boosts productivity

Investment in a state-of-the-art Homag Sandteq W-700 means we can achieve a higher quality finish in a fraction of the time

As part of our ongoing investment in machinery, we have acquired a Homag Sandteq W-700 wide-belt sanding machine.

Within the first few days of operation, the new machine has significantly cut the labour hours we used to devote to sanding, freeing up colleagues’ time for other tasks. To give an example, de-nibbing a standard set of 13 number back panels would have taken us 2½ hours using an orbital sander and working through the grits. Using the Homag Sandteq W-700, we can now get this task done in 8 minutes.

Another advantage of the machine is that it allows us to achieve a finer and more consistent finish. In addition, thanks to built-in blowers, an anti-static brush and a cleaning rotor with ionisation, our factory is now cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

The Homag Sandteq W-700 makes light work of calibrating, fine sanding and transverse sanding for multiple surfaces (including veneered, spray coated including high gloss finishes). It can also handle panels up to a width of 1600 mm, which is a game changer for our panel / finishing process.

Thanks to the huge amount of time the machine will save us, our productivity is set to increase, allowing us to use the extra hours to finish projects more quickly and begin new ones earlier.