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Gloucester Park in Basildon

The project at Gloucester Park includes Gloucester Park, Miles Grey Road and Christopher Martin Road. There will be 12,700 trees planted, to lessen the carbon impact and achieve Basildon’s goal of being net-zero by 2050.

Gloucester Park and the other two sites make up the biggest local tree planting initiative in the area this century. And we’re one of two local businesses providing trees.

In November 2021, we donated more than 10,000 trees for the Gloucester Park project. The trees include a variety of species native to the British Isles, which is an important part of tree planting projects such as this. And they’ll be planted using sustainable methods, including composted mulch and sustainable guards and stakes.

Rob Baker, Parks & Countryside Operations Manager, Basildon Borough Council, said:

“Planting and caring for trees bring people together, strengthens communities and increases their sense of ownership. Woodlands provide the chance to be closer to nature, this is known to calm people, relieve stress and provide a spiritual value that supports and improves mental health and wellbeing. As this woodland grows and matures it can be enjoyed by generations to come.”

We hope there will be more tree planting projects like this to be a part of. As a business, we made a serious commitment to plant six trees for every single cubic metre of timber we use. So, for us, projects like this will continue into the future.