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Our first trip to Dorney Boreholes

The sun shone as we planted the first of our trees at Dorney. With a total of 12,000 trees being supplied, there is still some way to go, but it was great to get started.

The agreement with Thames Water is to supply 12,000 trees for a new 20-hectare rewilding project in Dorney. And this recent visit gave us the chance to grab a spade and get digging.

Rewilding aims to restore and steer ecological processes, rather than apply a constant management intervention. The tree planting is one element to this huge project, which includes introducing natural grazing.

To give the trees the best chance of getting established, tree guards are added when the trees are planted. They’re plastic free and are biodegradable, so they don’t have to be removed and there is no risk of plastic getting into the surrounding area. We were happy to provide these along with the trees to the Dorney project.

“It was great to see the Dorney site and take part in planting some of the trees. I’m looking forward to seeing them as they become established over the next few years,”

said Trevor Baker, Senior HSEQ Manager.